Make Wellness Your Reality In 2022

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Wellness

Meet Our Insurance-Based Provider And Learn The Secret To Eating Well

Gavin Woods: Insurance Based Provider

Are you looking for someone who will help you improve your wellness and take insurance? Gavin Woods is your provider! Gavin is a Nurse Practitioner NP-C at Freedom Healthcare’s (FHC) Sandy location. He offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, botox and other natural treatments.

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Tired Of Chronic Dieting? Try This!

Do you dislike the yo-yo dieting effect? Intuitive eating may be the answer for you. 

Instead of restricting your diet to hit health goals, try the opposite: listening to your body by intuitively eating.

Intuitive eating is learning to listen to the hunger cues in the body and consciously noticing the amount and type of food your body needs for fuel.

Intuitive eating also includes:

  • Rejecting the “lose weight quick” mentality often associated with fad diets
  • Honoring and listening to your hunger cues
  • Avoiding restriction of certain foods and giving yourself permission to eat

Keep your eyes peeled on our page during the next three months! We will be giving away 22 Intuitive Eating Books to help with your health goals in 2022! The Intuitive Eating book teaches you how to foster a healthy relationship with food.

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