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Weight Loss

through intermittent Fasting

For patients with weight loss goals, Freedom Healthcare recommends intermittent fasting! Intermittent fasting is eating at particular times. It improves overall health and aids in weight loss. Intermittent fasting is not a diet but rather a strategy of when to eat. It helps to reduce caloric intake. 

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Three common methods of intermittent fasting include:

1: The 16/8 Method

The 16/8 Method:

Participants skip breakfast, restrict their daily eating period to eight hours and then fast for 16 hours in between.

2: The Eat-Stop-Eat Method

The Eat-Stop-Eat Method:

Participants fast for 24 hours, once or twice a week. For example, by not eating from dinner one day until dinner the next day.

3: The 5/2 Method

The 5/2 Method:

Participants consume only 500–600 calories on two non-consecutive days of the week. Participants then eat normally the other five days.


It is critical to stay well hydrated while fasting.

Dr. Nelson and the FHC team find patients to be successful in weight loss when they utilize method one as a permanent way of living (except for the occasional breakfast with friends). In addition, it is important to understand method two boosts the effects of method one. We recommend adding method two to method one at least two-three weeks per month for optimal weight loss results.

Hormone Therapy for

Weight Loss

With age, the body’s hormone production decreases. This can cause low production in the body’s natural weight loss stimulants and lead to weight gain. For example, when testosterone decreases in men or women it becomes difficult to retain muscle. As a result, fat accumulation can occur, especially around the abdominal section. In addition, thyroid disease and deficiencies are common in people as they age, especially those older than 45. These conditions are treatable by supplementing essential thyroid hormones to help stimulate weight loss.

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