Male Hormone Replacement Therapy in Utah

We’re all hoping to stay active as we age, but when our bodies aren’t producing the optimal amount of hormones, the effects of aging become that much more apparent. Beginning as early as our 30s, our body’s hormone production begins to slow down. Men begin to notice that they don’t have the energy that they used to. Fatigue, decreased libido, moodiness and a loss of muscle tone are all common symptoms of testosterone deficiency. Many men struggling with these signs of aging have benefitted from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy by returning their testosterone levels to optimal. Freedom Healthcare of Utah is a leading provider of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for men. And with locations in Clinton and Sandy, Utah, it’s easier than ever to see the benefits of hormone therapy.

What is Low-Testosterone (Low-T)?

As we age, our body’s hormone production begins to decline. For men, lower testosterone levels can have a myriad of symptoms, including trouble concentrating, constant fatigue, loss of muscle tone, moodiness, decreased sex drive and loss of skin elasticity. For active men, this gradual change in testosterone levels can make you feel like a different, lethargic person. Low testosterone can be treated with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Freedom Healthcare of Utah treats men who suffer from low testosterone levels and helps them reach a natural testosterone balance so they can feel energetic again.

How Bioidentical Testosterone Can Help

Male HormonesBioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used to increase your testosterone levels with hormones that are naturally balanced. This can be accomplished in two ways. One is to stimulate your testes to produce more testosterone on their own using human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections. The other way is to provide you with bioidentical testosterone that is molecularly exactly the same as your own testosterone. Sometimes one of these methods on its own will bring your body into balance and other times a combination of the two will be used.

Hormones are chemical messengers sent out by our brain to tell the rest of our body how to function. Having the right balance of hormones is essential to every aspect of our health. As we get older, our hormone production slows down, bringing about signs of aging, both in how we look and how we feel. By restoring the levels of hormones in our bodies to a natural optimal level, we can recapture our youthful energy levels and see our bodies functioning in prime condition.

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy has been around for quite some time and does offer some relief for the symptoms of hormone decline, but also has many unwanted side-effects. The synthetic hormones that medical professionals have used in the past are a close, but not an exact match to our own hormones. That is why they cannot fully meet our body’s needs. Bioidentical replacement hormones have exactly the same molecular structure as those found naturally in our bodies. This allows our bodies to use these hormones to achieve an optimal state of overall health.

Feel Young Again with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Freedom Healthcare is a leading provider of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men in Utah. The aim of BHRT for men is usually centered on managing testosterone levels. That being said, BHRT is all about finding the right balance of all of your body’s hormones in order to achieve your overall best health. Men also benefit from including other hormones like DHEA and thyroid as part of their BHRT. These will optimize the benefits of their testosterone replacement therapy and provide other health benefits as well.

Some of the main benefits associated with each type of BHRT hormones are:

  • Testosterone in Men: A low testosterone level is a condition that many men face as they age, and that is known as hypogonadism. This condition leads to a lowered sex drive, problems with concentration and memory, accumulation of fat (especially around the midsection and vital organs), loss of bone density and muscle mass, depression, and social isolation. These problems can be corrected through testosterone replacement therapy.
  • DHEA: Boosts the production of the body’s white blood cells that are used to fight diseases of every kind. This results in a powerhouse of an immune system that can better fight cancer, lupus, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and many other diseases. DHEA also delays the onset of these illnesses as it reduces the signs of aging. DHEA is also responsible for increased bone density, and an increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Melatonin: Commonly used to regulate sleep patterns, we at Freedom Healthcare believe that melatonin is capable of so much more than that. Our research supports the idea that melatonin plays an important role in all of our biorhythms, including that of aging, We believe that melatonin can extend your life expectancy, and keep you much healthier along the way. Melatonin also fights cancer, because it’s a strong antioxidant.
  • Thyroid: Thyroid disease and deficiencies are very common, especially in people over 65. The good news is that these conditions are very easily treatable with BHRT. Replacing essential hormones produced by the thyroid help to stimulate weight loss, decrease fatigue, keep the skin healthy, and improve reflexes.

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