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I'm blown away

“Having worked in Healthcare in the past I would say I’m a pretty picky person when it comes to Dr’s offices and staff. I’m blown away by Dr Nelson’s staff and Dr Nelson himself. They’re so friendly, customer service oriented, made me feel like I was a part of the family. Not to mention Dr Nelson was so patient in taking the time to explain my labs to me and how everything worked. His bedside manner was awesome, and he is extremely thorough. He listened to what I had to say and took that into account on top of what my labs were telling him. I’m a believer ha! I can’t say enough good things honestly. Everyone should be going to this clinic. Thank you!!!”

– L.S.

I wouldn’t be where I am, living a 100% active life

“I have been coming to Lonnecker for 5+ years after I suffered a life altering injury. Without her help and professional knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today, living a 100% active life. It’s a great feeling to know you are healthy. I’ve never had a physician spend the time and ask the questions she does which makes all the difference.”

– A.G.

I highly recommend them

“Freedom Health Care/Preventative Medicine is amazing. Unlike Most Dr. offices the wait is short and the service is excellent. I have been going to preventative medicine for over seven years and have always been treated by professionals and with the utmost of courtesy. They know their business and believe in what they are doing. I will remain a patient for years to come, and may I add, Sammy, Courtney and P.A. Butcher are amazing and keep me coming back. I highly recommend them.”

– S.N.



committed to their patients’ optimal health

“Freedom Healthcare has changed my life. Seven years ago I turned sixty and I was gradually becoming a weak, flabby old man despite my best efforts to eat well and workout. My primary care physician was not helpful because in his opinion I was “healthy enough”. But I sought out Dr. Nelson who is passionate about optimizing health. He assessed my needs and put me on track to regaining my energy, strength and vigor. He and his staff are extremely professional and conscientious and are committed to their patients’ optimal health.”

– P.B.

it’s a great pleasure to be a patient

“Rarely would I ever say “it’s a great pleasure to be a patient” but in this case it is true. The level of care and professionalism in this center for functional medicine far outweighs anything I have experienced in mainstream care. I came in desperation to overcome a major illness that was only progressing even under “specialized” care. With Freedom’s guidance and specific protocols individualized for me, I have more vitality than I have felt in years! And when my fast-paced lifestyle creates a hiccup, I get a reset from Melissa, back to a powerful partnership with Freedom for my best health. Excellent facility. You can probably guess I highly recommend it.”

– B.C.

makes me feel like he truly cares about my health

“Been going to Dr Nelson for a few years! He always takes the time to answer ALL my concerns, questions, and makes me feel like he truly cares about my health and well-being! The staff is always so great too!”

– D.T.





“I love Freedom Healthcare, Melissa & Dena! They always take the time to listen, respond and take care of all my concerns. The assistance I have received with my hormones has been life-altering and I can’t thank Melissa enough for her knowledge & expertise. She helped me with endometriosis after many failed attempts with other doctors. I can’t thank her enough!”

– N.S.

I look forward for continued improvement

“I began treatment at Freedom Healthcare because I’ve been having a difficult time losing weight and a friend recommended it to me. While they were doing my lab work they found my hormones were really out of balance. I’ve been taking hormone replacement for a few months now. I am already feeling so much better. I have more energy and am much less irritable. I’m starting to see some weight come off. I look forward for continued improvement in the coming year.”

– N.T

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