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We believe in the power of early detection, and we’re excited to introduce you to the Galleri Cancer Test. This revolutionary screening tool is designed to identify multiple types of cancer at their earliest stages, providing you with the best chance for successful treatment.

Why Choose Galleri?

Currently, 70% of cancer deaths are caused by cancers without screening recommendations. The overall survival rate for cancer is four times higher when cancer is found before it spreads. Unfortunately, most cancers that result in death are only detected after it is too late, in part because they do not have effective screening tests. The Galleri test is designed to detect 50+ types of cancer at an early stage, often before symptoms even appear. It’s incredibly accurate and non-invasive, requiring just a simple blood draw.

The Galleri test offers a range of compelling benefits:

  • Early Detection: Galleri can detect various cancers even before symptoms develop, potentially saving lives.
  • Unprecedented Accuracy: Rigorously validated and trusted for its precision.
  • Comprehensive Screening: It checks for a wide array of cancers, including those that are notoriously difficult to catch early.
  • Non-Invasive: A simple blood draw, without the need for uncomfortable procedures.
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Real Stories, Real Impact

Discover the inspiring stories of individuals whose lives were positively impacted by early cancer detection with Galleri. Their journeys exemplify the potential of this revolutionary test.

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Colon Cancer Signal Detected

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Gallbladder Cancer Signal Detected

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Pancreatic Cancer Signal Detected

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Your health is paramount, and we’re here to support you in prioritizing it. As a valued member of the Freedom Healthcare family, we’re pleased to offer the Galleri Cancer Test at cost.

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FAQs: Your Questions, Our Answers

Explore our FAQ section to find detailed answers to common queries.


What is the Galleri Test?

The Galleri test is a multi-cancer, early detection test that is collected through a simple blood draw. It screens for a signal shared by more than 50 types of cancer, many of which do not have any other effective screening recommendations. Galleri is a screening test and does not diagnose cancer and not all cancers may be detected in the blood. Diagnostic testing is needed to confirm positive test results.

How does the Galleri Test look for Cancer?

Every time you take the test, Galleri checks more than 100,000 DNA regions and over a million specific DNA sites to screen for a signal shared by multiple cancers. If a cancer signal is detected, results from the test predict the tissue type or organ associated with the cancer signal to help your healthcare provider determine the next steps.

Who can take the Galleri multi-cancer early detection test?

The Galleri test is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk for cancer, such as those aged 50 or older.

The Galleri test is intended to be used in addition to, and not replace, other cancer screening tests your healthcare provider recommends.

Use of Galleri is not recommended in individuals who are pregnant, 21 years old or younger, or undergoing active cancer treatment.

I am not at risk or have a family history of cancer, is the Galleri test for me?

Cancer risk increases for everyone as they age regardless of family history—only 5% to 10% of cancers are inherited. Age is the biggest risk factor for cancer. In fact, adults over age 50 are 13 times more likely to have cancer compared to people under the age of 50. Talk to your provider about your risk for cancer, and whether the Galleri test is right for you.

What cancers does the Galleri test detect?

In a clinical study, Galleri detected a signal shared by over 50 types of cancer —including some fast-spreading and aggressive cancers responsible for approximately two-thirds of cancer deaths. Galleri is a cancer screening test, meaning it looks for cancer before symptoms appear. The Galleri test does not detect a signal for all cancers and not all cancers can be detected in the blood.

How accurate is the Galleri test?

A “Cancer Signal Detected” result is expected in approximately 1% or 1 out of 100 Galleri tests in people over 50 years of age. In a recent clinical study, on average, 4 out of 10 people with a “Cancer Signal Detected” result received a cancer diagnosis with diagnostic testing, and only 1 out of 200 people without cancer received a “Cancer Signal Detected” result.

(Positive Predictive Value was 43% and False Positive rate was 0.5%)

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