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FHC offers true healthcare for general health issues, women’s and men’s health conditions and diseases of aging. Freedom Healthcare’s personal approach consists of evaluating symptoms, genetic history and an in-depth look into the body as a whole. This allows Freedom Healthcare providers to help prevent illness, manage disease and treat the true cause of health conditions. FHC’s unique approach combines the latest medical technology, functional medicine and the proper use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). The goal of this clinic is to provide patients with transformative healthcare.

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Functional vs Conventional Medicine

What is the difference between
functional medicine and conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine is very good at screening for diseases known to increase morbidity and mortality. It focuses on reducing the effects of disease through the use of medications. Conventional medicine increases longevity through controlling the detrimental effects of chronic health conditions.

Functional medicine implements a proactive approach and focuses on reversing the cause of disease. This form of medicine utilizes natural methods to treat the true cause of dysfunction. Functional medicine is not a replacement for conventional medicine but can be beneficial in conjunction with standard conventional treatments.

BOTH areas of medicine are necessary and useful. Freedom Healthcare practitioners are certified through accredited conventional medicine residencies and trained in the practice of functional medicine. This provides FHC patients with true and comprehensive healthcare from providers who have experience in both areas of medicine.

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