Losing Weight After the Holidays and Beyond

by | Jan 17, 2015 | Hormones, Weight Management Utah, Wellness

Unless you have a lightning fast metabolism, or you were seriously disciplined, you probably gained a little weight over the holidays. Just about everyone is looking to drop some pounds at the first of the year, but where do we begin? Understanding how your body works and how specific hormones affect weight loss can jumpstart your results and keep you on the right track throughout the year.

What to Drink

How well you stay hydrated and what you choose to stay hydrated with can have a big impact on your weight loss results. Sugary sodas make up almost one third of the average American’s caloric intake, so that’s the first thing you need to cut. Reducing liquid calorie intake is the easiest way to reduce overall calorie intake. Even diet soda is counterproductive. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda trigger your stomach to empty faster, which means you’ll feel hungry again sooner. Instead, stick with water.

Starting a HIIT Routine

You need to ramp up your workout routine in order to boost your metabolism, but you don’t have to commit to an hour long run every day to get the desired results. Just 20-30 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) each day will help you to reach your goals. If you’re doing it right, it will be a rough 30 minutes, but then you’re done for the day and on your way to a healthier you. Interval training utilizes periods of intense exercise combined with short periods of rest to keep your heart rate up and burn through fat. You can get your own custom HIIT workout routine here.

Monitoring Hormone Levels

Hormones are a big culprit behind weight loss problems the majority of the time. Insulin is a huge factor in how your metabolism will behave, and how much fat your body will be willing to give up as you eat right and work out. Sugary foods and carbohydrates trigger insulin production, which stalls weight loss efforts. If your insulin levels go above 10, you’re not in the optimal range for weight loss. Thyroid, testosterone, DHEA, and several other hormone levels have an effect on weight loss as well. Get your hormone levels checked when embarking on any weight loss plan, especially if you’re over 40.


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