Weight Loss & Wellness Programs in Utah

Our bodies are all different. For a lucky few, watching what they eat isn’t a concern as they stay rail thin with minimal effort. For the rest of us, weight loss isn’t as easy to achieve. Managing weight is difficult for many Utahns and some of us need a little help and coaching to reach our weight loss goals. The evening weight loss program at Freedom Healthcare of Utah provides the support and direction needed to lose weight and gain confidence.

You may have been struggling with weight for years, trying to lose that last bit of baby weight or just want to feel good when looking in the mirror. Whatever your motivations, Freedom Healthcare’s eight-week weight loss program is designed to guide you to your target weight with diet coaching, exercise plans, body contouring and the support needed to maintain your weight loss progress.

Weight Loss Classes and Programs

There’s more to weight loss than eating right and exercising. When age, genetics, hormone levels and body composition are all factors, you need a program that addresses your unique weight loss needs. Starting with a body composition test, each step of our eight-week program is personalized to your specific needs.

In each two-hour evening class, we work to lose weight, improve wellness, reduce stress and learn how to maintain weight loss. We provide diet coaching, exercise plans, support, body contouring, lipoblast injections, hormone therapy and massage therapy to help you lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

As we age, our bodies begin to reduce the production of hormones. Many signs of aging, including excess fat, make us feel less like ourselves. At Freedom Healthcare of Utah, we work to balance the body’s hormones using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for weight loss. By maintaining an optimal level of hormones, you’ll notice an increase in energy and a boost to your metabolism that will help you build muscle and melt fat. Find out more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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