BHRT Pellets

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

BHRT pellets  are an effective and natural method to administer hormones to both male and female patients. Many doctors and health professionals recommend hormone replacement therapy as a means of compensating for the human body’s reduction in hormone production as a natural consequence of the aging process. Although a reduction in hormone production is a natural function of aging it can also be associated with undesirable physical, intellectual and emotional symptoms.

The pellets are a little bit larger than a standard grain of rice and are designed to be implanted beneath the skin. Once implanted, the hormone pellets release regular doses of bio-identical hormones on a consistent basis. The pellets will continue to function for three to five months before losing their effectiveness. After this point the pellets will dissolve inside the body and there is no need to have them surgically extracted.

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Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Reviews

Many patients and doctors have positive things to say about the administration of BHRT pellets. These positive reports typically rave about the physical, intellectual and emotional benefits of the hormones themselves. Reports also discuss the ease and convenience of the implanted pellets.